Through the eyes of a carer for someone with a mental illness

‘If I had a magic wand’


Correct me if I am wrong here but it appears ‘if I had a magic wand’ must be in Health Workers training because I have given up counting the number of times I have heard it said to me, to Chris, to others I know. But why? I sure as hell don’t want to hear it because it is obvious you don’t and if you did you wouldn’t be in your job basically as there wouldn’t be a need. So how is wishing you had a magic wand going to help me? Comfort me? Or make anyone feel better? It’s not.

You might as well be saying ‘I want to help you but there isn’t anything else I can do without a miracle.’ Oh that’s so what I want to hear right about now. So you can take your wish for a magic wand and tell it to someone that cares.

Magic wand rant over.


Author: acarerseyes

I am a mum to four gorgeous girls, and a carer to my former partner of eight years, Chris who has a mental illness, BPD. I blog my experiences.. life is tough! We live in Greater Manchester, UK.

2 thoughts on “‘If I had a magic wand’

  1. You’re right. It can feel patronising.

    • Ha ha! It “can feel” patronising? That’s because is patronising. It shifts the locus of control to the care worker, so that the problem ceases to be the service user’s problem, and instead becomes the care worker’s lack of magic powers. The subtext is, “I’m in charge of your problems, and I’ve decided that nothing is to be done about them.” And that’s exactly what “can feel” also does.

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