Through the eyes of a carer for someone with a mental illness

CPN to Social Worker


Chris hasn’t always had a social worker, before we got her he was given a CPN who he saw for a number of months, however she couldn’t ever come to the house and with his anxiety he found it very hard to get to her. Not to mention they just didn’t get on… at all. The final straw for Chris came after he had ended up in hospital from an overdose and she was going on about if he had phoned her it wouldn’t of happened but if he doesn’t call her she can’t help, completely missing the point that Chris can’t even pick the phone up to call me or any other family member when in crisis let alone her. She then went on to end the session with ‘I will see you in a week, that’s even if you want to come back’ Worst thing ever to say to Chris, because there was no way, no matter how much I tried to talk to him about it, would he go back and see her again. He saw himself as too much of a nuisance to bother her again, so I managed after about three months of asking to get him someone else, who is now his current social worker, who deals with complex patients and is far more understanding of Chris and how he feels.

The breakthrough really was him getting his current Social worker; she is very good and understands how important it is not to let Chris down and to stick to what she says. She always gives him copies of any letters that she writes to people so he can see exactly what she is doing and doesn’t feel like he’s being talked about behind his back. This is because he knows the crisis team always did and even openly admitted discussions about him when he wasn’t even a patient under them.

She has been his constant in the healthcare profession other than our GP and its because of that stability that Chris isn’t anywhere near as bad at the moment than he was when being passed from pillar to post between crisis teams, CPN, A&E etc etc. I think the wait for getting the help was a contributing factor for how ill he got, he waited over a year for help easily and then it didn’t go smoothly.

He was previously known to mental health services from way back in 2004/2005 when he had a really lovely CPN but he gave it all up when we moved to London for a year.. I will write about that in a separate blog.



Author: acarerseyes

I am a mum to four gorgeous girls, and a carer to my former partner of eight years, Chris who has a mental illness, BPD. I blog my experiences.. life is tough! We live in Greater Manchester, UK.

8 thoughts on “CPN to Social Worker

  1. If only my MH care was so easy to gain access to. After 3 years of having a great MDT, GP, CPN & P/doc inc private psychotherapist, the p/doc was redeployed to another team and management refused to transfer my case, so that was that, no more p/doc even though needed & CMHS refuse to accep that, CPN gone & therapist ended therapy saying I am too fragile. My GP & I have been in dispute with CMHS since. Independent psychiatric assessment of needs has been completed with report CMHS refuse to even acknowledge, they just want me reassessed by their psychologist who isn’t experienced in my diagnosis. It’s a reassessment set up to say no treatment, so having to start legal action with my fragile mh health and no support I feel so lost and alone. On the verge of really ending it, nowhere to turn, and I don’t want to keep burdening the GP. Crisis team won’t come out & they’re not much use either, so a worthless exercise that makes things worse. Having to self fund occasional sessions private same sex p/doc now.

    • I am so sorry to hear about your experience, and I feel for you having to comaplain and take legal action because that in itself is so draining. I really hope you manage to get some care back. Dont feel alone, I promise your not the only one who has been shafted by services, please feel free to keep me up to date with how things are going. I wish you all the very best, take care. Sarah

  2. I am so glad services are much better in your area. I am on Twitter @girl_interrupt_ I do post little bits about my issues with services. I had to set my blog to private due to CMHS management following it and using it negatively.

  3. I can well believe it. Disgusts me! I have had some right corkers in my time. So important to give a crap in that position! Hope the new one doesn’t let him down x

  4. I think having a CPN / Social Worker you can appreciate and get on with is part of the long-term needs to recovery. Just over 12 months ago I had to write to be asked if a new CPN could be allocated to me, the one I did have went on the sick and no-one took over her work, her absence jeopardised my chances of getting into the MBT group. I was then allocated the one I have now and she has been brilliant, really understanding and returns calls or pops by if I need her. It sounds like Chris has someone he can trust in his social worker and that is a good thing.

  5. We were offered Social Care support via a Social Worker attached to the CPT. The CPN had known our family for over 16 yrs. and was ‘removed’ by MH Trust for Cost Savings. The Social worker only met my spouse for 1/2 an hour and then spoke with me, asking – ‘Have you thought about Divorce’ ? ! … she was shown the Front door and strongly requested, never to visit us again.
    Another CPN has been finally been provided to care for my spouses MH needs , who understands Mental Health and the harmful / adverse side effect of Psychotic Medication/s over a long period of time.
    For a Carer, there is very little support from Social Services, if any at all. The CPN is far far more helpful and understands needs of our family , way better than any Social Worker ever will.

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